165th Kiama Show in NSW, Australia

PureSilk 70x90Christine Sloan from Glenora Weaving & Wool recently attended the 165th Kiama Show in NSW.


Ashford Handicrafts were very proud to sponsor the most Outstanding Exhibit Award which was won by Ingird Wass a member of the Berry Spinners & Weavers.  Ingrid dyed 20/2 silk yarn in several shades, wove and tailored this beautiful silk jacket.  Ingrid, a very skilled and experienced weaver (and octogenarian) has been the recipient of many such awards over the years.

Winner IWPureSilk IW

Above: 2013 Winner Ingrid Wass - Handwoven pure silk wrap.

KiamaShow IW

Above: Kiama Show - Spinning, weaving and felting pavilion.

Right: Ashford award for most outstanding exhibit - Ingrid Wass, Kiama show 2012.





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