Weaving with Linen

Elizabeth and ten other weavers spent the weekend in Dunedin with master weaver, Betty Booth, learning to weave linen. 

Over the two days we wove Bronson Lace, Huck, Leno and Brooks Bouquet on the four shaft table looms using 20/2, 16/2 and 12/2 linen yarns. Because linen is a round, firm thread and not stretchy, it works well when woven as lace and manipulated weaves and the reflective qualities are accentuated when woven in Huck, twill or satin weaves especially when polished with the iron from wet to dry.

After washing and ironing we were delighted with the sheen and handle of this beautiful fibre and inspired to weave more!


Bronson lace mat in 12/2. 


Elizabeth's lavender bag in Huck in 20/2.


Betty and her students

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