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The Wheel is a full colour magazine containing articles, patterns and projects for the fibre artist written by knowledgeable and inspirational spinners, weavers, dyers and felters from around the world. It is published annually.

A glossy version is sent to members of the Ashford Club as soon as it is printed in October of each year. A newsprint version is available free of charge from your Ashford dealer.   

the Wheel magazine 25The 2013 issue (Issue 25)

 This issue of The Wheel try inspiring projects and patterns for spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, knitting and read about crafts folk from around the world. Articles include:

 • Weave your own curtains, by Shiela Dixon, UK
• Break some spinning rules with Patsy Zawistoski, USA
• Felt yarn lace, by Diane Gonthier, Canada
• Needle felt a rabbit, by Sandra Grieve, NZ
• Spin art yarns, by Angel Benedetti, USA
• Grow and process your own flax with Nancy Van Tassel, USA

  And much, much more
WOW, another fantastic Wheel magazine thank you.  So many outstanding projects and my favourite is the beautiful felted leaf on page 16 - just incredible.  
People's creative imaginations and talents forever just amazing.
Thank you and best wishes
Sheena, New Zealand



WM24 The 2012 issue (Issue 24) 

 This issue of The Wheel try inspiring projects and patterns for spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, knitting and read about crafts folk from around the world. Articles will include:

• Woven handbag by June Koh, Malaysia
• Spinning tips from Ruth Gough, UK
• Recreate Hobbit yarn on the Country Spinner, Mary Hall, NZ
• Nuno felted scarf, Vesna Damljanovic, USA
• Jacket with hood in handspun, Dorothea Fischer, Germany
• Double weave blanket on the rigid heddle, Kate Sherratt, NZ
• Weaving Bronson, percentage dyeing, spinning in living history groups
And much, much more


The 2011 issue (Issue 23)  
Try inspiring projects and patterns from around the world for spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, knitting and read about crafts folk art work, in the next issue of The Wheel Magazine.

Articles will include:
• A handspun knitted shawl from Anne Wieck, Germany
• A felted nursery activity board from Jill Bailly, Canada
• Research on how textile crafts help mood by Dr Anne Collier, USA
• Table mats in Ripsmatta weave by Jo Reeve, New Zealand
• Dartmoor Dyeing with natural dyestuffs, by Betty Barry, USA
• Create "slugs, snails and puppy dogs tails" novelty yarn with Lyn Welsh, New Zealand
• Summer & Winter table runner, by Elsa Krogh, Denmark

And much, much more



The  2010 issue (Issue 22)
Articles include:
Spinning: making art yarns, spinning and knitting with silk
Weaving on the rigid heddle looms: table runner, sakiori bag, slip-over top, carrying coat 
Weaving on multi shaft looms: twill, mock satin weave, summer and winter
Felting: napkin holders and table weights, tea cozy, cobweb scarf
Knitting: entrelac car seat
Carding: wild carding
Also: My perfect studio, World Congress on Coloured Sheep, slow cloth movement, what’s new from Richard, making lives easier in Nepal, South Atlantic tapestry.

Issue 21 of The Wheel
This 2009 Jubilee Issue (Issue 21) of The Wheel features the Ashford story and great patterns and techniques.
Spinning: Exciting novelty and designer yarn, in wool or silk/merino
Weaving: Bracelets, bags, coats, cushions, scarves and placemats in thick and thin, distorted weaves, Bronson lace, overshot on opposites and double weave
Knitting: Chic beret, cute baby booties
Crochet: Glamorous crochet top
Felting: Wool dreads
Dyeing: Arashi shibori, subtle variegated over dyeing
Also Jacob sheep in Wales, handmade heritage clothing, waulking in Scotland, silk production in Ethiopia and What's New from Richard.



A limited number of back issues are available for NZ$5 each

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Wheel17In 2005 The Wheel became part of The Ashford Club and for their membership subscribers will receive a special edition posted to them from New Zealand. As well as being able to download current and prior issues and much much more!
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