Chennai, India, September 9th, 2017

“Weaving is music and the loom is my piano, “ said Naresh Ramasubramaniam, our distributor for India at the official opening of his new studio and store in Chennai.

In India, there is a rich weaving tradition but it is considered the domain of artisans/professional weavers only. At the Opening visitors could try the looms and see how weaving is easy to do – something they can explore throughout their life!

“We are trying to expand the reach, and make young and old take it up as a hobby. And for any hobby to be sustained, it is important to have easy-to-use tools and simple techniques,” he said.

Mrs Kalyani Pramod, the designer and visiting professor at NIFT Chennai, is one of the Directors of Shuttles & Needles and is looking forward to creating designs using Ashford looms and Naresh’s yarns, curating workshop curriculum and appointing tutors to teach weaving, spinning & felting, etc.

We greatly appreciate all the work Naresh and your team have done to promote all the benefits of the crafts. Best wishes for the success of your new facility!