Dizzing on the e-Carder
Create ready-to-spin sliver quickly and easily using an Ashford Diz Stick.

Carding fleece
Carding your fleece is quick and easy on the Ashford Wide Carder.

Blending colours
Blending colours on the Ashford drum carder.

Attaching a packer brush
How to attach a packer brush to your standard 8″ Ashford drum carder.

Carding on the Wild Carder
How to use the Wild Carder to make delicious batts. Add fibre, sparkle, ribbons, fabric, locks and more!

Carding “Barely a Batt”
Carding and Spinning “Barely a Batt”. A fun and easy way to use your locks and create gorgeous yarns!

Blending fibres
Blending Merino and silk on the Ashford drum carder.

Hand Carding
How to use your hand carders.

Using the Ashford Blending Board
Blend fabulous fibres in your favourite colours and create beautiful rolags for spinning.

Making batts for felting
Maria kindly shared her technique for making beautiful fine felt with us.

Ashford Fibre Mill – Take a tour
Take a tour of our fibre mill and see how our fibre is processed.


Learn to card on the Wild Carder


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