Huck Lace Cotton Scarf

Huck” the shortened version of Huckaback refers to a loom controlled weave structure that is made up of groups of threads that can produce plain weave, warp floats or weft floats. Which when woven, the small float blocks alternate with plain weave blocks creating beautiful lacy looking fabrics. The groups have odd numbers of warp threads or weft rows, most commonly three, five or seven threads and can be used to design pattern spots, lines and columns straight or diagonally – so outside the vertical and horizontal grid.

The wonderful thing about huck is that it is a loom controlled weave that can be done on as few as four shafts with one shuttle. For more information and lots of drafts and how to design your own drafts in Huck lace, I recommend “The Best of Weavers Huck Lace“.

To follow are the instructions for very simple Huck lace scarf (pictured above), that I am sure you will enjoy. A lovely soft drapey scarf, woven in Ashford Mercerised 10/2 cotton – the red one quickly became one of my favourites and still is! Worn extensively (maybe excessively as it was designed in colours to go perfectly with my favourite boots) for many years so far, hence the very old photo, and will be worn for many more to come!. It washes and presses up beautifully and is so comfy to wear.

Happy weaving!


You will need:

Loom: Four shaft loom 40cm (16″) min.
Reed: 10dpi (sleyed 2 per dent)
Sett: 20 ends per 2.5cm (in)
Warp yarnAshford Mercerised Cotton Ne 10/2, 45gm Friar Brown 809 (substitute with Pine Bark 108), 45gm Celosia Orange 850, 25gm Chilli Pepper 812
Weft yarn: Ashford Mercerised Cotton Ne 10/2, 65gm Chilli Pepper 812.

Here’s how:

Number of ends: 280 (plus 2 each side of Chilli Pepper for the floating selvedge)
Width in reed: 35cm (14″)
Warp length: 280cm (9¼ft)
Finished size: 223cm (88″) long plus fringe x 30cm (12″)
Weave Structure: Huck lace and plain weave

Wind warp in colour sequence below.

Thread loom as per threading draft.
Some suggested colour options - Click to enlarge

Allow approx. 15cm (6″) for the fringe.
Weave a few rows of scrap yarn to begin (this will be removed before you remove from the loom).
Using the Chilli pepper cotton, weave 2.5cm (1″) of plain weave, then weave 218cm (86″) lace weave and finish with 2.5cm (1″) of plain weave.

Remove from the loom, twist fringes at both ends. The Ashford fringe twister is perfect for quick and even fringes.
Hand wash gently, rinse and squeeze out excess water.
Hang or lay flat to dry, then press.

Another example of Huck lace woven in bamboo yarn below – This pattern featured in The Wheel magazine, Issue 20.