Jack of Hearts

I hope you are well, safe and able to spend some quality time creating on your looms during these strange times. This week I would like to share Jack of Hearts – my nickname for the draft I put on my Jack loom when we made the promotional YouTube video for the Ashford Jack Loom.  

It has proven to be a very popular draft and I have requests for it quite often. I have seen some really beautiful versions of this – in many colour schemes from rainbow brights to stunning monochrome schemes. Why not give it a go today? 

Happy weaving!

You will need:

Loom: Ashford Jack Loom Reed: 10 (double sleyed) or 12 (sleyed 2, 2, 1,…) View Substitute Reed Chart 
Sett: 8 ends per 1cm (20 ends per inch)
Warp yarnAshford 5/2 Cotton Ne 5/2, 848m/927yds, 200gms. 1 cone of each of the following colours: Jet Set Black, Twilight Grey, Daisy Pink, Honey Suckle. Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, Scuba Blue, Cedar Green, Green Glow, Freesia, Celosia Orange, Coral Red, Pine Bark, Friar Brown, Chili Pepper
Weft yarnAshford 5/2 Cotton Ne 5/2, 848m/927yds, 200gms. 2 cones Jet Set Black

Warp colour order:

Here’s how: Number of ends: 760 ends + 2 ends Black at each side for floating selvedge
Width in reed: 97cm (38ins)
Finished size:  94cm (37½) x 4.5m (5yds) washed
Warp length:  5m (5½yds)
Weave structureHearts (I know it is not actually a weave structure, but you know what I mean) with plain weave
Weaving: Wind warp as per colour chart. Wind warp with a threading cross and a raddle cross. Raddle cross groups of 8 (if metric raddle or 10 if imperial raddle). Thread loom as per threading diagram. Before beginning weaving, check the treadle tie up is correct. Weave as per treadling draft.
Finishing: Wash in machine, warm wash, dry flat. 

Always have a bit of fun filming videos with Morio!

I warp Jack the same as I do a table loom – you can see the process in the videos below…