• When not in use, release the tension on the stretchy drive belt by moving it to a smaller bobbin whorl.
  • If the flyer doesn’t spin freely loosen the leather brake tension knob completely and remove the leather brake from the flyer. Apply a drop of oil to the front and back bearings and spin. 
  • To give an even yarn take up, apply a drop of oil to the flyer shaft and replace the leather brake. Only increase the leather brake tension if the yarn doesn’t pull in.
  • If there isn’t any side float between the flyer and the front and rear bearings, the top rails may have moved. Loosen the bolts and twist the top rails until there is at least 1mm side float. 

Early Country Spinning Wheels 

  • If you have a double treadle wheel made before 2012, lay it on its back and apply a drop of oil to each hinge pins. Since 2012 we have used polyurethane hinges which do not need lubrication.

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