• Check the flyer bearings are at right angles to the flyer shaft. If not, loosen the screws holding the maid uprights to the maiden bar, realign the bearings and retighten the screws. 
  • Check that there are small washers between the screw heads and maiden bar. 
  • Check the alignment of the wheel, flyer, and bobbin whorls. If necessary, loosen the knob on top of the maiden bar and move the maiden bar horizontally. Then retighten. 
  • Loosen the clamp knob and turn the drive belt tensioner until the flyer is closest to the wheel. Re-tie or replace the drive band with a soft cotton cord. Turn the drive belt tensioner until there is sufficient belt tension to turn the flyer. Do not over tighten as this adds unnecessary friction to the flyer bearings.
  • If the legs are loose in the base, you can permanently glue them in. Remove the 3 screws and legs. Wax the steel ends of the treadle rail, apply wood glue to the short front and long back legs and corresponding holes in the base. Insert the treadle rail into the holes in the legs. Check the treadle rail is at the front of the spinning wheel, insert the legs back into the base and tap home firmly. Check the treadle turns freely. Then secure with screws. Repeat this process for the short back leg.  

Early Elizabeth Spinning Wheels 

  • To alter the alignment on pre 2004 Elizabeth Spinning Wheels, loosen the bolts securing the wheel supports to the base, twist both supports until the wheel and whorls align, check the wheel spins freely and gradually retighten the bolts checking the wheel continue to spin freely.

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