• When not in use, release the tension on the stretchy drive belt by moving it to a smaller flyer whorl.
  • Always carry your Joy by the built-in handle. However, if the flyer shaft does get bent and wobbles, it is possible to straighten it. Thread the flyer firmly into the top shaft. Rotate the flyer very slowly, identify when the orifice is at the top and mark the highest point. Gently press down on the flyer orifice. Then rotate to check if there is any improvement. Repeat this process until the wobble has been eliminated. 
  • If the flyer doesn’t spin freely the e-Clips on the top shaft may be tight against the ball bearings. Remove the rear e-Clip. If the flyer now spins freely press both ball bearings further into the bearing housings until the groove in the top shaft is visible. If tight it may be necessary to use 2 small G-clamps, a block of wood and a 7/8” x 3/8” steel washer. Then snap the e-Clip back into the groove in the top shaft. 
  • If the front section of a double treadle crank rubs on the back con rod it indicates the crank has been bent in. Remove the front con rod and use a 250mm (10”) or larger adjustable spanner to gently pull the crank forward until there is 5mm (1/4”) clearance. Then replace the front con rod.  
  • To protect you Joy when not in use, store it in a carry bag.

Early Joy Spinning Wheels 

  • If your Joy was made before 2012 it will have steel hinges under the treadle board. Lay the Joy it on its back and apply a drop of oil to each hinge pin. Since 2012 we have used polyurethane hinges which do not need lubrication.

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