The Elizabeth and Richard Ashford Textile Award

Richard and Elizabeth Ashford are pleased to establish an annual award to encourage and support textile artists and help them enjoy artistic freedom. We hope our award will contribute to the development of the fibre arts or the education of future spinners, weavers, felters, knitters and dyers.

We are looking for creative projects that have vision and are viable. This could be a garment, process, or an educational or philanthropic project. The award is open to everyone: individuals, guilds/groups, aid agencies, non-government agencies….

We look forward to your application.

Elizabeth and Richard


The Award

The winner of the award will receive Ashford equipment, wool, fibre and/or yarns of their choice to the value of NZ$5000.00. An additional award of $250 of product will be awarded to all finalists.


Award Criteria

Applications are invited from all areas of the textile fibre arts. Anyone can apply: individuals, guilds/groups, education facilities, aid agencies.

We are looking for creative projects that have vision and are viable. This could be a garment, process, or an educational or philanthropic project.


Application Process

There are two parts to the awards:

  1. The initial application. Closing date March 31st each year.
  2. Finalists are then invited to send more detailed information (with instructions if applicable) and photos (and diagrams/pattern/drafts if applicable) of the project by April 30th each year.

Application Requirements 

  1. A clear outline of your project describing the concept, research, development and context for the work. Support with images if possible.
  2. An additional paragraph should explain how the supply of Ashford equipment and/or materials will further your project.
  3. If you are selected as a finalist, describe/show the project giving full details and support with good quality images (diagrams/drafts/patterns if applicable) of the project.


  1. Please send your completed application by email to [email protected]
  2. The winner and the finalists will feature in The Wheel magazine.
  3. The award is for the purchase of Ashford equipment, and wool, fibre and/or yarns and includes delivery costs to the winner.
  4. The award winner will provide a report to Richard and Elizabeth on the project within six months of receiving the equipment.