Ashford Textile Award 2023 – Interim Report

Lauriston Farm were thrilled to win The Ashford Textile Award last year.

The Farm enables their community, including those with special educational needs, to gain skills and achievement through involvement in the textile crafts. Lauriston Farm received $5000 of Ashford products including an e-Carder to help increase their capacity to process their own North Ronaldsay sheep wool, spin and weave fabric and make more handcrafted items.

Everyone enjoyed unpacking and assembling the new kits, then learning how to use them.

The first project was experimenting with weaving winter and summer. These experiments were made into coasters that were sold at market stalls before Christmas.

Their craft volunteer Lois is currently trying out lace weaves, that she hopes will give an attractive textured finish to handcrafted bags.

Experiments have also taken place with dyeing the wool using various products from around the farm.

The learning process has been invaluable both for Lois and for the co-workers. Experimentation and learning are all part of the design process.

To apply for the 2024 Ashford Award please apply. Applications close March 31ST
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Assembling the e-carder – one of the co-workers and his support worker
Trying out the summer weave