Spring Shawl in Caterpillar Cotton

Here is a simple but beautiful, drapey, lightweight summer shawl using only one cone of Ashford Caterpillar Cotton.

I hope you enjoy this fun project.

Happy weaving!

Add colour, texture and interest to your projects with our Caterpillar Cotton. 100% cotton variegated dyed yarn with a beautiful crimpy, spiral plied texture. Lovely and lightweight – perfect for weaving, knitting and crochet. So soft and great to work with. Voluminous but not heavy with twice the bulk for the weight of the yarn.

You will need:
Loom: Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom 60cm (24”) or wider
Reed: 7.5dpi
Warp and Weft Yarn Quantity: Ashford Caterpillar Cotton 100% cotton approx. 743yds per 200gm cone, 1 cone in colour of your choice

Here’s how:
Total warp ends: 180
Total warp length: 2m (6½ft)
Width in reed: 60cm (24ins)
EPI (ends per inch): 7.5 (3 per cm)
PPI (picks per inch): 7.5 (3 per cm)
Weave structure: Plain balanced weave
Finished width: 58cm (23ins)
Finished length: 180cm (6ft)

Warp the full width in Caterpillar cotton.

Weave the full length of the warp using the balance of the yarn. Ensure you have a balanced weave – when placing the weft yarn BEAT GENTLY with the reed. For the balanced weave you want 7.5 rows per 2.5cm (inch) of weaving.

Remove from the loom and secure the ends with a zigzag stitch and hem. Wash in warm water and a little liquid soap and lay flat to dry. Press with a hot iron.

Featured in Handwoven magazine Spring 2020

Photos of the shawl in Citrus by foundertek.com.tw

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